If like millions of infidels you have been yearning for an Islamic toolbar designed to raise funds for Muslim orphans around the world, your prayers have been answered. The University of Waterloo Muslim Student Association (www.WaterlooMSA.com) has developed a Firefox add-on that delivers free Islamic radio, Islamic TV, Islamic RSS feeds and Islamic torrents. You can watch people pray in Mekkah and Quran Flash. You also get a calorie calculator, weather forecaster and games.

WaterlooMSA’s goals are to strengthen the Ummah, spread Islam and control the multi-faith rooms for use as centers of Muslim activities on campus.

100% of the revenue generated by searching with the toolbar will go to the MSA Orphan Sponsorship Program. WaterlooMSA uses the video below to solicit donations and support. It appears to be well done and ‘extremely’ effective.

YouTube Preview Image

If you are interested in enriching your Web life with an Islamic toolbar here are the features and a link.

Islamic Toolbar – WaterlooMSA

*****100% of the ad revenue produced by searching with the toolbar, goes towards the University of Waterloo Orphan Sponsorship Program

With technology rising at a steady pace, there is no excuse for Islamic organizations, to not be able to keep in touch with its community. Through the workings of technology, we should have made a presence in every Muslim and Non-Muslim home, sharing the true image of Islam and swiftly annihilating the cancerous misconceptions that have spread like a contagious disease.

The WaterlooMSA Islamic Toolbar can meet this criterion, and offer amazing Features:

—> Free TV! – That’s right! Over 20 of the best free Islamic Internet TV Channels at your fingertips. Channels include: Al-Majd, Bridges, Peace TV, Quran TV, and many more. Watch people pray in Makkah, right on your computer monitor!

—> Integrated Search – Search YouTube, Metacafe, Google, Torrents, Images, Dictionary, etc. Author is always adding new search engines.

—> E-mail Notifier – Never type a password to log-in again. Now you can use our safe E-mail Notifier that tells you when you have a new e-mail and lets you log-in without having to type in your username or password

—> Islamic Radio – No more downloading Nasheeds and Quran from random websites. Listen LIVE to the best of what we have to offer instantly, with the touch of a button.

—> Islamic Torrents – a feed for the latest torrents from Islamic Torrents.net

—> Islamic RSS Feed – Access updated news, interesting articles, and “simple productivity” with our Islamic RSS Feed. Know whats going on in the Islamic world from trusted sources.

—> Goodies – Amazing applications with easy access. Includes Quran Flash, Quran Explorer, Flash Earth, EBuddy Messenger, Calorie Calculator, TV, Unit Converter

—> Games – Tons of Old School, and New School Games! Pacman, Frogger, Tetris, and new games like Slipstream!

—> Pop-up Blocker – Got a bunch of those annoying adds that promise to pay you if you shoot that yellow duck? Never see them again with our optional Pop-up Blocker.

—> Weather Forecaster – Didn’t catch the temperature from the weatherman who speaks at the speed of light? No worries. Download are toolbar and you will instantly know if its bright outside, raining, or snowing.

Updated March 31, 2008